Thank You!


Dear 2016 MBSYEP Participant,

We have received your online application and we are now opening your account!

Following is important information about your new account, along with instructions to ensure you receive your first SYEP payroll check without any problems.


1.Watch your email

Watch for an encrypted email from containing your account number, account information and instructions on signing up for It’s Me 247 Online Banking.


2. Send us copies of your Two Forms of Identification

Acceptable forms of identification are any two of the following list: DC ONE card, School or College identification, Driver’s License or Permit, Birth certificate, Passport, or Military ID.
To send via email, reply to the encrypted email above so that your information will remain safe. OR stop by a branch and let us know you are a DC Youth!
This documentation is required before we issue your card so don’t delay!


3. Watch your mailbox

In June, watch your (physical) mailbox for an envelope containing your debit card and a second envelope containing your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Follow the instructions on the card before your first paycheck in July to activate your card.
If you would rather pick up your card in person, please let us know by emailing


4. Save and win $1000

Save a portion of your paycheck all summer for a chance to win $1000. The more you save, the greater your chance to become our 2016 Super Saver!


5. Get ready to start banking!


Have any questions?
Email me here or call me at 202.671.1627.
I’m your personal banker and I’m here to serve you!
Tesha Wheeler
DC Youth Coordinator