Games to Play with Your Kids

Sometimes the best way to teach a child a new lesson is not to “teach” it at all. Playing games speaks to children of all ages where learning happens while they’re having fun.

Use these games as part of your lesson plan to teach your children about personal finance.

Financial Fun & Games

  • Financial Soccer: Learn the lessons of savings, budgeting, credit and debit cards, and creditworthiness around the thrill of professional soccer. Lesson levels include Amateur for ages 11-14; Semi-pro for ages 14-18; and World Class for ages 18+.
  • Financial Football: America’s real past-time is the venue for this financial lesson game. Age levels include Rookie for ages 11-14; Pro for ages 14-18; and Hall of Fame for ages 18+. Lessons include¬†savings, budgeting, credit and debit cards, and creditworthiness.
  • Road Trip to Savings: Middle school aged children will have fun making decisions about money with this simulation game.
  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter: Teach elementary school aged children how to identify, count, and sort money.
  • Ed’s Bank: Pre-school and young elementary school aged children will enjoy this game of skill.