Schedule of Fees

Effective October 1, 2014

Fees are subject to change


ATM per Transaction $1.75
ATM & Debit Card Replacement $10.00
ATM & Debit Card PIN Replacement $10.00
Overdraft Fee $35.00
Returned Check Fee $35.00
Low balance fee (below $5)/month $2.00
Printout of Accounts/Statements $5.00
Account Conversion $25.00
Returned ACH Fee $35.00
Inactive account fee
(no activity in 12 mos.)
Stop payment share draft $35.00
Stop payment bank check (MO) $35.00
Money Orders Fee $5.00
Travelers Checks 1.50% of purchase
Share Draft Photocopy $5.00
Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfers
Domestic $20.00
International $45.00
International Remittances
(varies by country & account)
Verification of Deposit $10.00
Legal action (tax liens, levies,
garnishments, etc.)
Reset PIN for It’sMe247 Online $2.00
Research of an Account $25.00 per hour
Official Check Withdrawal Fee
(over 1 per day, not including transfers)
Account Transfer Fee (Reg D/
6 per month)
Accounts closed within 6 months of opening $5.00
Visa Cash Advance Fee (non-members) $5.00
Returned Mail Handling Fee $5.00
Safe Deposit Boxes
3×5 $25 per year
3×10 $50 per year
5×10 $75 per year
IRA Early Withdrawal Fee (before age 59 1/2) $10.00
Courtesy Pay/Honor Fee $35.00
Express Delivery—Visa Check Card $90.00
Telephone Transfer Fee (over the telephone) $2.00
Shared Branch Transaction Fee $2.00

Returned Mail

If you have a change of address, please be sure to let us know. It is very costly for the Credit Union to handle returned mail. That’s why we charge a Returned Mail Handling Fee of $5.00. This fee is only charged to the account one time. After that‚ the member’s account will be flagged not to receive additional mail.