Volunteers & Elections

Not for Profit. Not for Charity. Here for Service.

The DGEFCU’s board and committees are comprised of credit union members who volunteer their services to protect their fellow members’ interests. They meet monthly to set the direction of our financial cooperative.

Credit unions are unique among financial institutions since they are cooperatives—member owned and operated institutions.

This uniqueness also means members participate in the credit unions’ annual meetings and directly elect the board and committee members. (DGEFCU holds its annual meeting each June.)

The Nominating Committee invites you to consider running to serve the board of directors or a board committee.

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Current Officials


  • Charlotte Ducksworth, Chair
  • Leroy Proctor, Vice Chair
  • Joseph Goosby, Treasurer
  • Delvia Lewis, Secretary
  • Michael V. Beall
  • Jose Salmeron
  • Jermaine Taylor

Supervisory Committee – email: sc@dgefcu.org

  • Bob Yates, Chairperson
  • Deborah Cunningham, Secretary
  • Delvia Lewis
  • Wilma McDowell
  • Gertrude Thompson