Share Draft Checking

The DGEFCU Share Draft/Checking account makes moving your money, paying for products and services and managing your finances easy and worry-free.
And having an active checking account with at least monthly direct deposit get will you on your way to earning more benefits from DGEFCU with our CU*Perks program.   Learn more

Best of all, it’s FREE—regardless of your balance. It also has the added bonus of earning dividends when you maintain a balance of $300 or more.

Free checking that’s also worry-free.  Yes—totally free.

Visit “Life Tools” to learn more about Managing Your Money.

Additional savings and checking products that earn you CU*Perks.


Visa Check Card and ATM Card Services

Convenient access to a worldwide network.                 Learn more

Direct Deposit and Bill Pay

Deposit your paycheck, social security, federal benefits, or retirement checks right into your DGEFCU checking account.  Avoid the risks of handling cash and of identity theft. Our routing number is 254074455.     Learn more

Overdraft Protection

Arrange for a line of credit loan advance or funds transfers from your regular shares to cover overdrafts. Learn more

 Open your Share Draft Checking Account Today

  • Online
    1. Log in to your It’sMe247 account.
    2. Click on “New Accounts” in the top navigation.
    3. Select “Shares” then choose from list.