Branch Services

Additional products and services only available at our branch locations.


Money Orders

A safe way to pay a merchant or individual, money orders are available in various amounts.

Travelers Checks

The perfect companion when you take a business or vacation trip.  Travelers checks are a secure way to pay you cover expenses while traveling—without incurring foreign transaction credit card fees.

They are replaceable and traceable through 24-hour support services and worldwide acceptance.

Wire Transfers

Moving money domestically or internationally is easy without wire transfer services and Western Union.

*Note: International remittances are only available at ACCESO.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our Reeves Branch has safe deposit boxes available to rent to safely store your valuable and important documents and belongings.

Notary Public Services

Members who require professional services for certification of signatures on official documents may use our notaries found in each branch. Examples of document needing certifications include assignment of vehicle title, Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, Deed of Trust and more.

There is a fee for this service.